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Started as volunteer to support a group of 5-8 girls in neighbouring slum squaters by providing them design and market trends,training for making jewellery. Formally incepted in the year 2000 Manjeen started working on the principels of fair trade to provide an effective support system to the marginalized / underprivileged artisan’s/ Craftsmen from the field of unorganized production of handicrafts sector in and around Delhi. Manjeen looks at its association with fair trade as an opportunity to serve the artisan´s, their community and bring just and fair trade in the process to eliminate poverty & exploitation to uplift artisan´s quality of life. The major problem faced by artisans / Crafts people is that they are bound in their struggle for survival to money- lenders, traders or middlemen for credit and raw materials and they are obliged to sell their products to them at a minimal price. In elimination of this problem Manjeen takes maximum care to its strength in providing financial safeguards to its associates or member groups.   

Manjeen Handicrafts is an Organisation with a vision to promote an alternative trade system in the form of Fair Trade on Grassroot levels to bring structural changes in the contemporary mode of Trade, and increase the choice among the marganilsed artisans and their families for the quality of life, Education to their children and quality working conditions. And establish socio-economic balance among the artisans’ community. Manjeen Handicrafts joined this movement by selling the fairly produced handicrafts products to local markets and participating in the local festival fairs, but this approach is confined for a couple of months and didn´t yield much to carry this vision in longer term.

However, Fair Trade movement has a strong foothold in West, but in India still it has to make its strong presence felt. Therefore, Fair Trade Movement can be used as a tool to improve the quality of life of marginalized traditional artisans and their community. In this process of effort Manjeen Handicrafts came forward to support effectively Fair trade Movement in Northern Part of India along with some of the producer groups from different craft-lines.

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Manjeen uses Fair Trade as a tool to bring changes in the contemporary trade system by providing multiple opportunities to artisan´s and their communities to develop their socio- economic conditions for a better life and a brighter future Schedule